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Fantastic Vacation

Mar y Tierra and the beach bar are lovely places to go directly from the beach. As a sea lover, I will instead be there than in the swimming pool, Juan can tell.

We were aware of “el sargazo” and a bit worried about it. Once there, we realized the intense effort they made to keep the beach clean, so this wasn’t a problem anymore.

I met lovely people from New York, North Carolina, Mexico, and Nebraska. Most of the couples celebrating life as we did.

I really loved the chapel, and I think a Sunday mass is something my parents missed. And the staff recommended us the riviera maya fishing charters for a good fishing experience. For me, the only thing missing is a library with some mexican literature and art. I believe that concierges should have more of this to offer.

How to forget the guys that made our experience full of good vibes: Fernie, Lorenzo, Julián, Jerónimo, and others. Thanks for the volleyball, that ball game which name I completely forgot, the swimming pool dancing during the bubble party and the mechanic bull.

Special thanks to Lenin for that special moment singing Fernando Delgadillo, to WILLIAM who he always made tasty drinks for me full of love. Thanks to Alfonso, to his company and service during breakfast. To Luis Alejandro from Puebla and his Mexican literature recommendations. And to you, “Hola de nuevo.”

Thanks, Cesar for the Catamaran experience. I will come back to keep on learning from you. Same to the lifeguards. Antonio, Elio, your impeccable service on the beach made us be in heaven.

I don’t want my lousy memory to punish so many other names, I will always carry with me their faces among with every single kind thing they did for us. I wish them the best.

They are definitely the reason why my family and I will repeat this experience here as soon as we get the chance.

It’s time…

Are you ready?