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Family trip with brothers family and our mom

Parks: We visited Xenotes, Xcaret, Xplor Fuego, and Xenses. Our favorites were Xenotes and Xenses, but this could all be left to personal opinion. We were there for 7 days and all though we were well planned opted to not over plan and just enjoy the trip.

We ended up canceling our Xel Ha reservations to spend an additional day at the resort (by that point we knew we would be coming back in the future). We rarely had any waits at any of the parks. We’ll try an atv in cozumel recommended by the staff. The only thing to note is that I would suggest at Xenses to start with the dry side and end with the west team (The Town). There are locker rooms to change in between. The bus that ran to Xplor, Xenses, and Xcaret was very timely and comfortable.

Restaurants: Hands down, the Mercado buffet is the best buffet we have ever experienced! We ate all the restaurants that required reservations. Cuevas was our least favorite as the night we went there was no breeze and very hot. Fusion was great.

The teppanyaki table was typical but always fun. The sushi bar was phenomenal! I don’t eat seafood of any kind, and the sushi chef was kind enough to prepare me sushi out of beef, chicken, and veggies so that I could be part of the experience. Not only was it delicious, but it was beautiful as well. We didn’t even ask for this as I was taking one for the team that night and was happy to swing by the taco cart! I’d say the sushi bar was our favorite! We also ate at Chibali.

The service was outstanding, and the food was delicious as well. The desserts were to die for. My son was excited when his milkshake included sprinkles around the rim of the cup, lots of whipped cream and a donut! We also at as Las Playas, which was also delicious (my husband says it is the best shrimp cocktail he has ever had). I was sad to not eat at La Cantina or Bio. Just leaves me more to look forward to on our next visit.

All of the above was amazing, but the main reason that we will be going back was the people. Every single person that we encountered were so genuinely kind!

Those who made our visit extra special were Jonathan at check-in, Crystel in the lobby bar who made the most fantastic coffee ever, and Dulce, the hostess at Xin Gao. In addition to the people, the property itself has a magical quality. At every turn, the property is beautiful. I could go on and on about each and every detail. We cannot wait to go back here!

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